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  • QDS Service Pods

    The increasing demand from Underground Mining for fluid cleanliness, filtering, storage and dispensing has lead Integrated Reliability Solutions to design a range of QDS Pods which are aimed at addressing this growing demand…

  • Oil Filter Trolley

    Our Filter Trolley solutions have been developed as a result years of working with industry and observing some the issues with conventional methods for the Operator in Dispensing Fluids…

  • Bulk Fuel Filtration & Coalescer Systems

    Integrated Reliability Solutions provides complete management of bulk fuel facilities that include new facility design, upgrade design, project management, fuel management programs, installation, product supply and complete integrated logistical support…

  • Welcome to IRS

    Integrated Reliability Solutions provides a targeted range of specialised services and unique products designed to sustain operational reliability and increase financial returns through improved asset utilisation…

  • Introducing MagnaDrive

    MagnaDrive is a revolutionary product that replaces the physical connection between motors and loads with a gap of air, eliminating harmful vibration, enhancing efficiency and protecting equipment from overload damage…



Our extensive range of specific products for all lubrication filtration, measurement, dispensing, pipe works and maintenance.



From managing your lubrication and fuel assets to productivity improvements, maintenance of your hydrocarbons on site and in transport, we have a solution to fit your specific requirements.



IRS have a manufacturing capability that can achieve a customised outcome for your site. From designing fuel farms to specific lubrication filtration solutions for your operation.


Latest News

IRS have some great customer case studies for you to review. These highlight our capability and our ability to listen to what our customers want. Productivity improvements, a safer working environment, increased reliability and value for money.

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