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Revolutionary Power Transfer

MagnaDrive Brochure MockupIn 1999, MagnaDrive introduced a world-changing industrial technology a technology that saves energy, reduces operation & maintenance costs and improves system reliability.

MagnaDrive replaces the physical connection between a motor and a load with a gap of air. The interaction between permanent magnets and non-ferrous conductors smoothly transmits torque across the Air Gap from motor to load and sets the load spinning. The smaller the gap, the greater the torque. This Air Gap is the cornerstone of MagnaDrive’s technology.

You can try it. Run a magnet over a copper disc in a circular motion, leaving a small gap between the two. The interaction between the magnet and the copper creates a flux field that sets the disc spinning. The closer you move the magnet, the stronger the force becomes and the easier the disc spins. Mechanical friction is an artifact of the past.

By adjusting the Air Gap, number and strength of the magnets, MagnaDrive manufactures a variety of couplings and adjustable speed drives with capabilities that define the industry standard.

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