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Improving Your Team’s Lubrication Skills Can Save You Big Money

Lubrication is fundamental to the success and profit of your plant. It is the lifeblood of your equipment. Without consistent and proactive lubricant maintenance, you’re at risk of unscheduled stoppages at best, catastrophic failures at worst and ultimately, immense cost. 

Mark Drayton, founder and Managing Director of IRS, has spent over 30 years in the industrial lubrication industry and has worked with many of the countries largest plant operating companies. A fire was starting in his belly several years ago fanned by some of the work his team was being called in to do. And it has prompted the development of a unique course for trades, engineers, supervisors and more. The Basics of Lubrication Course.

Mark says, “it was early in my career in the oil industry that I realised what customers didn’t need was another lubricant or a better lubricant, what they needed was help managing the lubricants they had.”

Lubrication issues often sit at the heart of equipment failure. By consistently maintaining your lubrication you’re actually performing preventative maintenance. Over time this will increase the lifetime of your equipment and reduce business costs. 

“The biggest obstacles [we] see is that the industry still sees lubrication and the management of it as a cost. If it’s done correctly it should be a profit centre.” - Mark Drayton, IRS. 

In 2016, Nippon Steel released a case study regarding lubrication in steel works as a major factor in the stable operational, long term maintenance and in the increased lifetime of the equipment. In this case study they noted how improved lubrication affected all aspects of the business. 

They recorded electric power saving by 570 million yen/year, reduction of parts repair work cost by 410 million yen/year and a reduction of purchases for lubricant 1500 million (accumulated from 1977). They noted, “an obvious result in reduction in cost realised by stable operation of equipment and prolonged service life has been concretely confirmed.”*

Basics of Lubrication4Our Basics of  Lubrication Training Course looks at teaching your team the fundamental skills to improve the lifeblood of your business. When you learn how to properly maintain your lubrication, it will help you prevent machinery failure and actually add dollars back to your bottom line. 

The Basics of Lubrication - 1/2 Day

  • Four Hour Course

  • Delivered on-site

  • Up to 20 attendees

  • Relevant to Engineers, Tradespeople, Supervisors, Plant Managers

  • Price: Available on enquiry


MTL1 Machinery Lubrication course - 3 Days 

This training course is a must for those technicians or reliability engineers that are looking to gain additional knowledge and certification in the Lubrication & Maintenance discipline.

It covers:

  • Maintenance Strategy
  • Lubricants
  • Lubricants Selection
  • Lubricant Application
  • Preventative and Predictive Maintenance
  • Lube Storage and Maintenance
  • Lubrication Theory/ Fundamentals
  • Lube Condition Control
  • Oil Sampling
  • Lubrication Health Monitoring
  • Wear Debris Monitoring and Analysis
  • Delivered on-site

  • Up to 20 attendees

  • Relevant to Engineers, Tradespeople, Supervisors, Plant Managers

  • Price: Available on enquiry 

On completion of the training course those people that have at least two years on-the-job training as well as the above documented formal training will then be eligible to sit for ICML certification. This certification is controlled separate to the training course and can be booked online through ICML.


Integrated Reliability Solutions has been involved in the management and servicing of plant lubrication systems for the mining, power generation and associated industries since 1987. We are a reliable and value-focused business that wants to ensure maximum equipment life. 

Our fundamental philosophy is the 6 Rs of Lubrication:

  • Right Product
  • Right Place
  • Right Timing 
  • Right Cleanliness 
  • Right Equipment 
  • Right Attitude

Our attitude is the underlying key to our continued success. Without the right people with the right attitude the first 5 points are irrelevant. Integrated Reliability Solutions is dedicated to having the right attitude, delivering the best outcome and adding a lot of value to your bottom line. 




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