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Integrated Reliability Solutions has been involved specifically in the management and servicing of lubricants and lubrication systems for the mining, power generation and associated industries since 1987.

Our experience and success has been, in part, based on the integration of good lubrication process, condition monitoring and commitment to quality client service. An integrated approach to plant maintenance is essential for maximum reliability.

Integrated Reliability Solutions provides a targeted range of specialised services and unique products designed to sustain operational reliability and increase financial returns through improved asset utilisation. Specifically, our business focuses on the following areas.

Lubrication Methodology

Between 80 – 90% of all condition monitoring reports identify lack of lubrication as the primary root cause of a defect. Our goal has been to ensure that all rotating and sliding elements are adequately lubricated, which in turn allows maintenance practitioners to focus on the root cause of defects in addition to identifying the symptoms.

Industry has begun to grasp and benefit from better lubrication practices, however, we believe that in order to fully understand the potential of plant reliability we need to “get the basics right”.

By starting at the beginning, we establish the foundation from which reliability centred maintenance system can begin to develop.

We work from the position that any equipment failure is unacceptable, and plant owners must take every step to ensure that components do not fail prematurely due to lack of lubricant or lubrication related issues.

To ensure maximum equipment life we have adopted some fundamental philosophies to ensure this is achieved, such as our “Six R’s of Lubrication”.

  • Right Product
  • Right Timing
  • Right Place
  • Right Amount
  • Right Equipment
  • Right Attitude

Attitude is the human element of the equation, and without the Right Attitude the first 5 points may not be relevant.

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