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Our asset management services focus on achieving cost effective plant and equipment reliability through the application of leading asset management practices.

The goal is to ensure that maintenance work is prepared and executed effectively and efficiently, and ensure that essential maintenance work is performed on time, to a plan and to a standard. Achieving these benchmarks has proven to deliver sustainable reliability improvement at the lowest cost over the life of the asset.

We focus on specific elements of the maintenance business that have demonstrated to reduce costs and maximise asset reliability;

  • Maintenance Process Health Checks
  • Planning and Scheduling Optimisation
  • Maintenance Work Prioritisation
  • Defect Elimination
  • Operation and Maintenance Environment Reliability Threat Assessment
  • Shutdown Management Process Optimisation
  • ¬†Material Inventory Preservation

We also conduct complex failure investigations to help you eliminate repeat significant breakdowns of business critical assets. Our investigation process facilitator will lead your team through data collection, analysis and solutions development. All failures tell a story and we follow a proven root cause analysis process to identify the root cause and arrive at an optimum business balanced solution.

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