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Our extensive range of specific products for all lubrication filtration, measurement, dispensing, pipe works and maintenance.


ibex Learn More ibex

IBEX AUSTRALIA innovates, researches and develops smarter piping solutions using premium international piping systems, with 20 years of experience. IBEX Australia has national coverage for complete customer service.

KOBOLD Messring GmbH Learn More KOBOLD Messring GmbH

Integrated Reliability Solutions is proud to be appointed by Kobold as a distribution agent in Australia for its full range of flow meters and monitors, pressure sensors, temperature monitors, humidity gauges, control devices and relays.

Lincoln Learn More Lincoln

Heavy duty pumping products include the PowerMaster®‚ and PileDriver®‚ pumps for handling viscous materials like heavy lubricants, adhesives, sealants, and printing inks.

MagnaDrive Learn More MagnaDrive

MagnaDrive replaces the physical connection between motors and loads with a gap of air. A gap that eliminates harmful vibration and wear and tear, enhances energy efficiency, increases motor life and protects equipment from overload damage.

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