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Filtration & Flushing

Bulk Fuel Filtration & Coalescer Systems Learn More Bulk Fuel Filtration & Coalescer Systems

Bulk fuel cleanliness has become a priority reliability issue for operational mobile and fixed assets. Excessive water and dirt can reduce the lubrication properties of the fuel, which may cause injector seizure and catastrophic engine failures. With the further introduction of High Pressure Common Rails (HPCR), fuel cleanliness is absolute to reduce adverse effects of contaminated fuel.

High Pressure Grease Filters Learn More High Pressure Grease Filters

Contamination in grease and lubrication oils can have a harmful effect on the operating effectiveness of machinery. By maintaining reasonable fluid cleanliness, end-users can dramatically increase the life of critical wear components on rotational equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability.

Oil Filter Trolley Learn More Oil Filter Trolley

Off line filtration of the lubricant during equipment operation is the preferred method in removal of solid contaminants from most operating systems and or compartments. This method is preferred over draining and replenishment, no down time is experienced as the equipment remains operational, lubricant purchases and waste removal is significantly reduced.  

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