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Design & Manufacturing

Integrated Reliability Solutions Hydrocarbon and Lubricant Management Systems are designed to enhance operational efficiencies and improve the availability of fixed and mobile plant.

hydrocarbon systems3Our specialised maintenance and management expertise has been used by the mining, power generation and related industries to enhance production, reduce costs and assist in achieving best practice since 1987. Our design, manufacture and installation of systems extends, but are not restricted to:

  • IBC Lubrication Storage and Dispensing
  • Oil Sampling Points and Systems
  • Filter Buggy and Filtrations Systems
  • Lubrication Transfer and Dispensing Equipment Systems
  • Bulk Grease Storage, Transfer and Delivery Systems
  • Workshop Storage, Reticulation and Dispensing Systems
  • Bulk Fuel Filtration and CoalescerSystems
  • Bulk Oils Storage, Reticulation, Filtrations and Dispensing Systems
  • Magna Drive, “Eddy” Current Coupling Drive Skids and Systems
  • QDS Lube Storage and Dispensing Systems
  • Lube Service Truck Design and Manufacture
  • Oil and Grease Tanks

hydrocarbon systems4

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