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The Integrated Reliability Solutions Team in Australia comprises of highly skilled, specialist staff with extensive experience across all industry sectors in the areas of:

  • Fluid Engineering
  • Fluid Cleanliness Control
  • Fluid Maintenance

Integrated Reliability Solutions’ Hydrocarbon and Lubricant Management Systems incorporate a specialised service for:

  • Turbines
  • Lube Oil Systems
  • Bulk Storage Facilities
  • Hydraulic Systems

IRS Own and Maintain a Range of Oil and Fluid Filtration Systems which we Mobilise and Perform Oil Transfer, Polishing or Flushing Nationally.

Our Systems can Filter Fluids Ranging in viscosity from 3cSt to 1500cSt at speeds of up to 200 litres/minute.

Our Techniques allow us to provide ISO4406 certification on site while we are performing the work, Ensuring Oil Cleanliness Targets are Achieved during the process.

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