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Integrated Reliability Solutions Bulk Storage Facilities Services provide a full on-site lubrication service for Bulk Storage Systems and installations for a number of major operations within Australia.

Our Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance systems have proven to improve fluid cleanliness and maintain dispensing flow rates across the systems.

Our systems may focus, but are not restricted to:

  • Tank Breathers for Moisture and Particulate Control
  • Service of Pumping Drive Systems including Pumps, Reduction Gearboxes and Motor’s
  • Check Integrity of Tanks, Pipes, Flanges and Joints, Flexible Hoses
  • Check and Test System Pump Operation
  • Check and Test DP of Filters and CoalescerSystems
  • Check and Maintain Signage and Control Systems
  • Check and Operate Dispensing Systems such as Hose Reels, Loading/Unloading Booms
  • Check and Test Operation of all Pressure and DP Gauges
  • Check and Test Operation and for Leaks of all Connectors and Couplers
  • Management of Fuel and Oil Sampling and Reporting
  • Management of all Stock Levels

IRS have Developed their Own CMMS for the management of all PMI and Service Tasks. “LAMS” is a Proprietary System which allows us to Manage Our Customers Maintenance Practices Autonomously, allowing site Personnel to focus on Core Activities.

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