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Breather Splash Guard & Accessories

Air quality and cleanliness is a major consideration for the reliability of machinery and the safety and protection of both the asset components and the environment.

The IRS Breather Splash Guard works to extend the service life machinery and fluids through removing moisture, solid particles, and other contaminants from air being breathed into machinery compartment. By minimising water contamination in fuel, hydraulic and lube oil systems, downtime of machinery is reduced, productivity is increased and machine life is extended.

Our solution have been designed and developed as a result of working with some of industries largest users of Breathers and observing some of the following issues which arise:

  1. Non Compliance with Australian Standard AS1940
  2. Need to extend air breathers life span
  3. Need to improves mechanical reliability
  4. Improved fluid cleanliness
  5. Need to reduced maintenance duration
  6. Lack of spare parts and accessories readily available.
  7. Lack of service support available

We have considered some of the following points in our design:

  1. Compliance with Australian standard AS 1940
  2. Suits ¾” spin on breather style
  3. ¾” BSPP thread
  4. Tested in for a range of conditions
  5. Compact 100mm diameter X 100mm length stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion
  6. Ease of changing breathers and breather accessories
  7. Reduced service time
  8. Tank air cleanliness
  9. Accessories which allow breather splash guards and breathers to fit almost anywhere.

Products Available Through IRS

excluding particulate breather

SPA-V-13/4 Excluding Particulate Breather

excluding desiccant breather

SPA-V-13/4 Excluding Desiccant Breather

splash guard seal

BSP Breather Splash Guard Seal for Desiccant Breather

breather ss splash guard

¾ “ BSP Breather Stainless Steel Splash Guard

wide range breathers

Wide Range of Breathers Available

stand pipe

Stand pipe ¾” available in 150mm, 200mm, 250m or 300mm

desiccant breathers

Wide Range of Desiccant Breathers Available

universal breather filler pipe

Universal Breather/Filler Pipe Assembly 1” BSP Mount

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