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Tau Xtractor

A Ground-Breaking Discharging Solution for Lubricants

The TAU XTRACTOR™ uses a completely new method for discharging grease from Fluid-Bag’s flexible containers with benefits optimized for demanding heavy-duty work environments.

Exceptionally strong and sturdy, it can withstand harsh treatment in the maintenance area of a mine or steel plant. The device grips the inner container of the Fluid-Bag, twists it with great strength and forces out all the grease, leaving down to 1 % residue in the bag.

Fluid-Bag focusses on safety and lubricant cleanliness. The TAU XTRACTOR (patent pending) discharge mechanism is fully enclosed behind metal safety doors to protect the container inside. Due to the sealed Fluid-Bag, grease is kept clean from dust, particles and moisture.

Increased Efficiency

Compared to 200 l drums: 

This discharge method boasts up to 5 times more efficient handling than using traditional drums and grease pumps. One Fluid-Bag holds 1000 liters of grease, instead of 5 drums of 200 liters each. The TAU XTRACTOR will independently discharge all the grease from the Fluid-Bag at the rate you require, eliminating the need to switch containers every 200 liters.

Compared to 1000 l grease totes: The Fluid-Bag Flexi container is a one-way solution that can be disassembled and recycled after use. This reduces the need for warehouse space, and there is no administration of return freights or maintenance of empty, used grease totes.

Tau Xtractor is

Robust – withstands harsh treatment, designed for use in demanding environments
 – discharge procedure behind closed safety doors, no risk of injuries
Strong & Efficient
 – twists and squeezes the bag with great force, resulting in residue levels down to 1%
 – easy handling, no mess or grease in the working area
 – does not require electricity, low consumption of compressed air
 – can be moved to different locations on site
User Friendly
 – easy operation


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