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Discharge Roller, Semi automatic

A typical set-up for bulk grease handling with Fluid-Bag

A Fluid-Bag can be connected directly to a central lubricating system or to a grease gun at a point of maintenance.

Example of a typical set-up for a maintenance shop:

  • Fluid-Bag Flexi with a 3” outlet pipe
  • Semi-automatic Discharge Roller
  • Adaptor for the pump-bag connection
  • Grease pump

The Discharge Roller stretches the container and must be used in conjunction with a vacuum pump. It is the vacuum created by the pump that empties the container. In the case of grease, it is important the pump can create a suction to pull the grease out of the Fluid-Bag. The purpose of the Discharge Roller is to minimize the residue after discharge by bringing all the grease down to the pump, to achieve residue levels down to 0.5%.

Suitable pumps

Existing grease pumps can usually be used. Drum pumps with a pump tube can be inserted into the outlet of a Fluid-Bag. Larger pumps used on RAM presses for drums can also be connected with a suitable adaptor to the bag outlet. 

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