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Increased demands on Industry to improve manual handling, oil/fluid cleanliness and reduce service time intervals has seen a progressive shift from dispensing from packaged product to dispensing from bulk containers via a fixed dispensing network throughout workshop facilities.

Industry standards indicate that every time you transfer fluids from one compartment to the next you increase the dirt content by one code/level. Progressive operators are now decreasing the number of transfers by pumping fluids direct from Bulk Containers into the engine and gearbox compartments.


Our designs have been developed as a result of working with some of industries largest users of Service Truck:

  1. Comply to Australian Standard AS 1940
  2. Reduced fluid spillage from transferring from drums
  3. No need for storage of drums in workshop
  4. Reduced residual fluids left in drums
  5. Improved fluid cleanliness
  6. Improved house keeping
  7. Reduce manual handling injuries

Storage Options:

We design our storage systems to suit our customer’s specific needs and include:

  1. IBS’s single or double stacked systems
  2. 500, 1000 and 2000 litre SWF tanks
  3. 1000, 2000 and 10,000 litre doubled skin self bunded tanks

Tanks include options for:

  1. Overfill protection
  2. Remote level monitoring
  3. Air cleanliness management, 2 micron breathers


  • Waste oil drain bench and evac back to tank
  • Pneumatic or Electric Pumps
  • Discharge Filtration
  • Grease Filtration
  • Dispensing Metering, inline or on the control nozzle
  • Hose Reels, Spring or Pneumatic Rewind
  • Dispensing Control Nozzles
  • SS316 Pipe Reticulation
  • Air Service Unit including Oiler/Filter/Regulator
  • Positive Isolation Valves, Fluid and Air
  • Thermal Relief on Oil Reticulation
  • Labeling and Colour Coding
  • Pressure Gauges


In addition to our general specification IRS can supply the following:

  • Maintaining a number of hose reels in a restricted foot print
  • Standardize hose reels / hose sizing
  • Batch Meters for precise measurement of volumes
  • Filtration on the fill tank fill lines
  • Surface Protection, Galvanized or Sandblasted and Painted
  • Tank Overfill Protection, Electronic or Pneumatic
  • System Pressure Monitoring
  • Over Run Shut Down

Download PDF Data Sheets

Rail Loco Service Bay
Figure 2 – Rail Loco Service Bay


IBC Storage Stand
Figure 1 – IBC Storage Stand


Hose Reel with 316 Stainless Steel Piping
Figure 3 – Hose Reel with 316 Stainless Steel Piping


Custom Pumping Station
Figure 4 – Custom Pumping Station


Five Reel, Hose Reel Stand
Figure 5 – Five Reel, Hose Reel Stand

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