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As dispensing infrastructure is established further away from traditional workshops and service areas, the dispensing equipment may not be installed adequately or maintained to an appropriate standard.
Integrated Reliability Solutions has been assisting operator in the area dispensing of fluids in a safe and manageable environment, whilst complying with Australian Standards AS1940.

Our solutions have been developed as a result of observing some of the following issues with conventional methods for the Operator in Dispensing Fluids:

  1. Unable to improve Housekeeping Standards
  2. Non Compliance with Australian Standard AS 1940
  3. Damaged hoses from misuse
  4. Damaged Dispensing Nozzles
  5. Hose Reels failure of mechanism and spring
  6. Uncontrolled movement whilst retracting
  7. Difficult to use
  8. Safety issues with pulling out hose from reel

We have considered some of the following points in our design:

  1. Assist Operator to maintain Safe Housekeeping
  2. To increase users versatility in the operation of the process
  3. To increase Hose and Nozzle Life
  4. Inclusion of Breakaway Valve in System
  5. Control of Minor Spills
  6. Lower Installation and Maintenance Costs
  7. Increase Fluid Flow
  8. Ease of use


  • Greaseable Rollers and Swivels
  • Breakaway Couplings
  • Surface Coating – Galvanized or Sandblasted and Painted
  • FRAS Rated in accordance with ISO 8030 & ISO 8031 testing Standards
  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • SS316 Wire Cable on Counterweights
  • Swaged Counterweight Cable Ends
  • Hose Roller Sheave
  • Reduce hose damage from bends and drag
  • Incorporates Breakaway Valves to Reduce Spillage from drive off
  • Ease of use for operator in handling and reduced strains
  • Maintain a number of hoses in a restricted footprint
  • Reduce Spills
  • Easy to maintain and service
  • Spare Parts easily available

Download PDF Data Sheets

Counter-weight dispensing tower in use
Figure 1 – Counter-weight Dispensing Tower In Use


Counter-weight dispensing tower in use
Figure 2 – Counter-weight Dispensing Tower In Use


Diesel Load Out Boom
Figure 3 – Diesel Load Out Boom


Hose Reel Stand
Figure 4 – Hose Reel Stand


Counterweighted Hose Tower
Figure 5 – Counterweighted Hose Tower

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