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High Pressure Grease Filters

Contamination in grease and lubrication oils can have a harmful effect on the operating effectiveness of machinery.

By maintaining reasonable fluid cleanliness, end-users can dramatically increase the life of critical wear components on rotational equipment, minimizing downtime and maximizing profitability.

IRS supplies effective and durable high pressure grease filters. The filter use Wedge wire filter media to deliver positive protection against contamination, giving you predictable reliability for your hydraulic systems and components.

Our solutions have been developed as a result of observing some of the following issues which arise from grease contamination:

  • Unnecessary down time for equipment & Machinery
  • Blockage of grease system
  • Premature failure in;
    • Grease pumps
    • Grease injectors
    • Grease divider blocks
    • Open gears
    • Bearings
    • Bushes

We have considered some of the follow points in our design:

  1. Reducing time to change filter
  2. Large filter surface area
  3. Compact & versatile design
  4. Tough Stainless steel filter element to extend life span
  5. Zinc plated hard wearing filter housing exterior for harsh environments
  6. Three size of filter housing
  7. Works under high working pressure

IRS Grease Filter Range

 IRS grease filter range

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Case Studies

Hose Down Pump Learn More Hose Down Pump

The Magnadrive Adjustable Speed Drive Coupling (ASD) was installed on the Hose Down Pump at South Walker Creek CHPP on the 4th October 2007.

Bearing Skidding Learn More Bearing Skidding

Over the last three years IRS has been monitoring motor bearings displaying various stages of fatigue.

Electric Motor Bearing Defects Learn More Electric Motor Bearing Defects

The site was experiencing a high frequency of electric motor bearing faults. Condition monitoring reports had identified specific motors as manifesting bearing defects and had suggested that a “lack of lubricant” was a significant factor contributing to the defects.

Grease Contamination Learn More Grease Contamination

Over the course of several months, site maintenance personnel observed that lubrication system components were failing at a rate higher then what would normally be expected.

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