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Bulk Fuel Filtration & Coalescer Systems

Bulk fuel cleanliness has become a priority reliability issue for operational mobile and fixed assets. Excessive water and dirt can reduce the lubrication properties of the fuel, which may cause injector seizure and catastrophic engine failures. With the further introduction of High Pressure Common Rails (HPCR), fuel cleanliness is absolute to reduce adverse effects of contaminated fuel.

Removing free water in fuel significantly reduces or eliminates the growth of Hornmoconis Resinae or commonly known as the “diesel fuel bug”.

These micro-organisms comprised of fungi, yeasts and bacteria which live mostly in the diesel / water interface inside the diesel tank. They can produce large biomass of mycelia (fungal matting) in a short period of time and block filters and injectors.

Integrated Reliability Solutions provides complete management of bulk fuel facilities that include new facility design, upgrade design, project management, fuel management programs, installation, product supply and complete integrated logistical support. Our systems are design to comply with Australian Standards AS 1940.

Our solutions have been driven by a growing market need for clean fuel. Clean fuel will help to:

  1. Improved overall engine performance
  2. Reduce engine operational costs
  3. Reduce maintenance time & costs
  4. Increase asset availability and production
  5. Reduce carbon footprint and tax
  6. Reduce fuel consumption
  7. Increase vehicles lifespan
  8. Prevent the spread of the “diesel fuel bug”

IRS Solutions & Products

Integrated Reliability Solutions has partnered with global market leading suppliers to ensure that our hydrocarbon management solutions meet current best practices at affordable economic cost. We supply standard products and design for common application and have an internal engineering design capability, where we can work to design a solution to meet any customer specific requirements.


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Replacement Coalescer & Filter Elements

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Fuel Coalescer & Filter Housings

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