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Nothwestern U.S. Forest Products Company uses MagnaDrive MagnaGuard Econimizer to eliminate vibration.


1.0 Problem

MagnaDrive Coupling Vibration Success

A Forest Products Company located in the Pacific Northwest was experiencing repeated failures in their Clean Condensate Pumps due to extremely high levels of vibration in the system that were the result of thermal expansion in the system piping and the pump shaft. Vibration amplitude levels of over 0.4 in/sec (RMS velocity) were literally shaking the pump apart. According to the Maintenance Crew, the condensate pump was being replaced between 3 and 4 times every year as a result of the vibration.


2.0 Solution

MagnaDrive Corporation proposed the installation of a MagnaGuard Economizer (MGE) as a replacement for the existing rigid coupling. Because this was a 100 Hp motor running at 3600 rpm, an MGE- 11 coupling was selected. Removal of the original coupling and installation of the MGE-11 was done without moving either the pump or the motor and only took about an hour to complete.


3.0 Result

After successful installation of the MGE-11 Coupling the customer reports the following results:

  • Vibration levels dropped from 0.431 in/sec to 0.116 in/sec RMS velocity on the inboard side of the pump and from 0.286 in/sec to 0.087 in/sec RMS velocity on the outboard side.

    MagnaDrive Coupling Vibration Success           MagnaDrive Coupling Vibration Success

    MagnaDrive Coupling Vibration Success           MagnaDrive Coupling Vibration Success

  • No maintenance has been required after installation.
  • The pump is lasting longer. Instead of replacing the pump 3 – 4 times each year at a cost of $5,000, the plant expects to not have to replace the pump ever!
MagnaDrive Coupling Vibration Success

4 outages X 2 man-days/outage X $600/man-day = $4,800 annual labor savings.

4 replacements X $5,000/pump = $20,000 annual equipment savings.

Total Annual Savings = $24,800.

When asked to summarize their experience with MagnaDrive, the customer expressed complete satisfaction with both the MGE Coupling and with the service they received from the MagnaDrive Applications and Sales personnel.

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