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air_preheaterMinnesota Power Upgrade to MagnaDrive Magnetic Couplings on Air Pre-Heaters.

1.0 Problem

Minnesota Power was experiencing vibration problems on their Air Pre-Heaters. In an effort to correct this problem, Minnesota Power implemented a preventative maintenance procedure that required all couplings to be re-greased during every outage.

Each re-greasing would tie up 3 Maintenance Technicians for 3 days. Worse yet, the reduction in vibration levels that was accomplished by the regreasing would only last a couple of weeks before the vibration would return.

2.0 Solution

MagnaDrive approached Minnesota Power with a proposal to replace the existing couplings with MagnaDrive Magnetic Couplings.

3.0 Result

Minnesota Power’s vibration problems on their Air Pre-Heaters have been completely eliminated. Estimated savings based on quarterly outages and 9 mandays per outage is: 4 outages X 9 man-days/outage X $600 /man-day = $21,600 annually!

air_preheater1 air_preheater2

Supporting Data:

Minnesota Power Cohassett, MN

  • Vertical Market: Power Generation
  • Application Type: Equipment/Machinery
  • Product: Magnetic Coupling, Total of 4 in use
  • Load Type: Air Preheater
  • Motor Characteristics: 40 hp 1800 rpm

MagnaDrive Advanatages

  • Thermal Shaft Expansion
  • Vibration Isolation
  • Reduced Maintenance
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